“A Little World Montessori Academy” is  located  in the  city  of  Rodeo, CA. It is in the  close
proximity of Hercules, Pinole and Crocket cities. The  attractive  premises  of  structural beauty,
security and warmth provide a unique atmosphere of a Montessori House.
Each of the classrooms has skilled teachers to guide the children through the day's
activities. The curriculum includes lessons in practical life, sensorial skills, language,
math, science, history, geography, and world cultures. Additional classes are offered in
Music, Creative Movement and Instruments.
Our school is devoted to the education of children of 2 years through 6 years of age.
The classrooms are carefully prepared to nurture the mental, emotional and physical
well being of each child. The school is committed to the belief that children learn best in
an atmosphere, which values the uniqueness of the individual. The role of the teacher is
to identify and meet the needs of the individual child through planned and spontaneous
experiences. We recognize that a child’s early years are the most formative in his
development and that children need the opportunity to live as children, not simply as
future adults.
The school is equipped with specially designed Montessori apparatus and materials. It
provides secure airy playgrounds with, tricycles, a sandbox, slides, playhouse, basketball
hoop and other play structures. In addition to the regular activities, the school will have
field-trips, holiday festivals, parades and theatrical performances put on by the children.
All children need affection and friendliness. They require affirmation, encouragement and
understanding. The children are encouraged in the development of self-discipline, self-
knowledge, independence, an organized approach to problem solving, academic skills and an
enthusiasm for learning. “A Little World Montessori School” demonstrates its concern for all
peoples of the world.

“A Little World Montessori Academy” is non-religious, independent montessori preschool
dedicated to academic excellence in early childhood education.  It is not a daycare center.  
Before and after care (extended childcare) is provided as an additional service of the school,
not as it's primary function.

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